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My priority is to create a website that achieves your strategic goals, while at the same time communicating what makes you or your business unique.

Your answers to the following questions will help me estimate the size, scope, and nature of your website, as well as help you think through what it is exactly you would like to create. Answer the questions as best as you can at the moment. No need to worry if you can’t answer everything. This is just as starting point. We will work together until we are clear on your vision.

If you would prefer to answer these questions via email or have a general inquiry, please e-mail me directly at ali@alijazilah.com.

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Phone Number
Phone Number
e.g the range of work you do, the products you sell, the services you offer, or the content you create and what you want your website to do for the business.
Consumers or other businesses? Fashion-forward or more conservative? High-end or budget? Local or far-flung? Young or old?
4. When your ideal visitor arrives, what frame of mind are they in?
5. If your ideal visitor visited your website, what would you want them to do before they left?
6. Have you purchased a domain name?
You can send me links to websites whose designs are an inspiration for you or websites if individuals/businesses that you consider competition.
9. Which design package best suits your website needs?
Please mention what is ready and what is not.
12. Desirable website launch date
12. Desirable website launch date
14. How did you hear about me?